Blackwood Forest & The Forest Retreat

Greetings Humans and Fellow Woofers. 

Yesterday was so amazing! My humans took me to this wonderful forest, it was the biggest one I’ve seen. It felt so good running around the trees and jumping over the logs there. It was almost like my agility class! There was piles of logs there too, my human told me to be careful as they were really slippery.  

My Human said there was different routes marked out, we followed the green one which was about 5km long. It was just so much fun and so many new places for me to sniff and explore. I can’t wait to go back there again.

And then there was this amazing cafe, I was allowed inside and could sit next to my Humans while they enjoyed their lunch. I have to say the Roast Chicken looked really good, I love chicken. But they had water bowls for me to have a drink from, boy did I need it after that walk and there was free treats for the Canine visitors.  

What’s more, there’s Cabins that are Woofer friendly too. I hope Human will let me stay in one soon.

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