Mill Field & Bartons Mill

Greetings Humans and Fur Friends. 

Rhaegar here again! I’m so excited to tell you about the first walk and pub we visited, this was during the summer of 2016

Oh boy, if this walk is anything to go by, there are some amazing places so close to home. Human parked up in the nearby pub car park (more about that later) and it’s a short walk past the children’s play area and then you’re there!!  It had a river too – you know how much I love getting wet, it’s nearly as good as my ball! I was allowed off lead too. 

Even though I wanted to stay in the water all day, my Humans decided it was time to go to the pub. It was great! I was allowed in the garden area and in the bar too and they had water bowls for me. I so needed a drink after all that walking and swimming. There was lots of Fur Friends there too. I’m loving these adventures, I can’t wait for more, talking of which… Are there any good pubs and walks you know about that we should explore? 

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