Millyford Bridge & The Compass Inn

Hello Humans and Canine Companions!

Rhaegar again with another adventure!

This time my humans took me on what they called an “organised doggy walk” but I call running with friends. All the humans gathered at the “most dog friendly pub in the New Forest” called The Compass Inn for coffee and bacon sandwiches (which my humans were nice enough to share!). Afterward all us dogs were loaded up into the cars and we drove to  Millyford Bridge and went on a group walk in the New Forest (my humans tell me there are different walks every month on the first Sunday of each month).

This walk lasted about and hour and  I got to run with a whole group of new doggy friends. I made a new friend called Archie, we had a great time running around the forest.  There was even a creek to splash in! Afterward the humans took us back to the pub where the humans were given a Sunday lunch and I got lots of treats and cuddles from the staff. Mum can’t eat something called gluten so it’s a good thing the menu doesn’t have any of that!

I hope my humans take me again next month!


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