Character Dog Photography

Your dog’s life makes such a difference to the vibrancy of your home. The scatty early morning walks and the dozey after-dinner naps are mere peeks into their existence. At Neil Thirkell Photography, you can capture your dog’s personality with character dog photography.

Capturing the charisma that your dog shows on a daily basis is the challenge for Neil Thirkell, who will use his years of expertise to create beautiful shots. On-location photo shoots mean that your dog can feel at ease.

Whether they’re frolicking in their favourite muddy puddles, swimming in their nearest lake or chasing after squirrels – your dog’s behaviour is worth savouring forever. By calling upon Neil for your dog photography, you will have photos that succinctly capture their personality on stunning prints, canvases and more.

Neil has a range of photo sessions which are tailored to ensure that each owner and dog is given the upmost attention. With the ‘My Fur Friend’ package, you will get around one hour of photography time on location and £20 store credit to spend after the session.

At Neil Thirkell Photography, you can also choose sessions for elderly dogs, ‘Day in the Life’ and ‘Year in the Life’, depending on what you’re looking for.

To discover the beautiful snapshots that can be created of your dog, contact Neil today.