Dog Photographer Ascot

Capturing your dog at its most mischievous or charming is an impossible act with blurry camera phones. Even keeping your hands as steady as rock can mean a slightly pixelated dog tail being included in the shot. Put all those worries aside and get a professional dog photographer in Ascot, like Neil Thirkell Photography.

Whether you normally walk your dog around Windsor Great, Buckhurst or Sunninghill Park near Ascot, Neil will be on location to snap a picture to savour. This method allows your dog to be comfortable in their own surroundings. However, if you want to find a picturesque place to take your picture in the near area, Neil can provide some suggestions.

Neil’s affinity with dogs and ability to find their personality and translate it into a photograph produces stunning pictures. With a dog of his own, he understands that not all dogs are the same and require different motivations.

With a range of packages available, Neil can provide your family with lasting memory of your furry friend. From single dog photo shoots, to a ‘Year in the Life of…’ Neil has the experience to create splendid images to relish. To book your photo shoot in Surrey, Hampshire or Berkshire, get in touch.