Professional And Fun Action Dog Photography

The gallop they break into after they spot a cat, their expression when they lose sight of the tennis ball that’s been thrown, dogs are incredibly pets. At Neil Thirkell Photography, you can have pictures of your canine friend taken with action dog photography in North Hampshire.

Your dog is a big part of your world, and as such deserves to have memories that are savoured. Their obedience at home is complemented by their exuberance when they go for a walk. When Neil and you decide on the best place to take photo session, the fun can begin.

With the ‘My Fur Friend’ photo package with Neil, you will receive one hour of photoshoot time. In this time, Neil will aim to capture the action-packed nature of your dog. Whether it’s at their favourite place to walk or somewhere picturesque in the area, the results are perfect.

After the session in which Neil will capture the unique personality of your dog, you will be able to view the pictures online. From this point, you can use the images to create prints, wall art, keyrings and more.

To capture and keep the moments of the dog’s fun-filled life, choose Neil Thirkell Photography. To find out more about his range of photoshoot sessions, get in touch with him.