Professional Dog Photographer Leatherhead

Is your dog a much loved member of your family? Then it’s only natural that you want beautiful photos of him or her to treasure long into the future. Photographs are memories frozen in time and they’ll ensure that you never forget those wonderful moments spent with your canine friend. Many people who are seeking a professional dog photographer in Leatherhead choose Neil Thirkell. He has a real passion for dogs and photography and is skilled at producing breathtaking photographs that showcase your dog’s unique character.

What Happens at a Shoot?

What happens at a dog photography shoot really depends on your requirements, as Neil will do his utmost best to cater to them. In terms of location, this could be one of the dog’s favourite walks or a beautiful spot somewhere in North Hampshire (there are plenty of them to choose from!). Neil has an expert knowledge of the local area and so can offer you the advice that you need. He also knows just how to get high-quality images from the session. Neil primarily uses vocal sounds to get the right photos of your furry friend. This is because the dog will generally listen from where they are, rather than bound towards him. Of course every dog is different and sometimes the treats and toys have to be deployed! Browse the website to learn more about Neil Thirkell Photography.

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