Water Dog Photography

Your dog is your pride and joy, expresses the most feral of feelings in a human translation and makes your life infinitely more enjoyable. We wade through the tough times and come out with a friend for life. At Neil Thirkell Photography, you can capture their finest moments with water dog photography.

Most dogs love to jump in the dirtiest pools of water for fun (and to shake off right next to you) and taking pictures of the minute droplets around their fur is difficult with a poor-quality camera. Neil Thirkell is the ideal choice to find the medium between artistic and exceptional photography.

Take the ‘My Fur Friend’ package that Neil offers. This includes around 60 minutes of photo shooting time, £20 store credit to be used against any purchase of prints and set in an agreed location. Before the shoot, you will decide on the location, which if you’re looking for the moment they shake off after taking a dip – will be somewhere with water.

Neil Thirkell has experience in photographing dogs around Basingstoke, Surrey and Hampshire. This means he knows where the best places are to get that perfect shot of your furry friend.

To discover more about the range of packages available to you, get in touch with Neil today by filling out the online contact form.

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